5 Min:

  • Breakout Rooms

10-Minute Business Spotlight – Tell us who you are and what you do!

10 Min Business Spotlight

Lantz Preg – Design and ADA



Steve: Helping clients save time, money and aggravation. Refi or new purchase. Looking for veterans. Many good programs available. BTW you’re burning the midnight candle staying out all hours of the night. 9 P.M.!!

Karma Cleaning: Looking for residential or small biz. Getting rid of stagnant energy, using Zep “good for the environment products” “Smudging” clearing of space

Dana: Looking for nonprofit groups, and police officers. Steve? I am sure you come across police officers staying out so late.

Dundee: National Dental Health Month. Who is you dentist? It would be a good lead for Dundee

Lantz: Any start up or established small biz looking to make a visual impact.

CT Property Sisters: Working with buyers and sellers all throughout CT making the process stress free and enjoyable. Need sellers!!!!!!!

Nicole: Looking for anyone that would like a review of estate docs and or create estate docs

Tom: Looking for anyone turning 65 or has seen a Medicare commercial and has questions. I would have to say that would be anyone that has a TV!!

Austin: Accounting and tax services for anything Real Estate, agents, buyers/sellers, developers, construction companies and contractor

Aces: Looking to get the Aces name out there and the many services they can be provided.

Mike Argiro: I forgot to do my ask so looking for a great pizza and a beer. I would also like to talk to anyone who has been laid off as we have many services to assist people in this area.

John: A Good Business Referral.

In Attendance

  • Dana Quigley
  • Dundee Benson
  • John Stax
  • Lantz Preg
  • Michael Argiro
  • Mikell & Megan
  • Austin McKennany
  • Steven Johansen
  • Evelyn Rossetti Ryan
  • Brianna Perez & Deborah Netto
  • Nicole Barillaro