5 Min:

  • Steven Johansen 

10-Minute Business Spotlight – Tell us who you are and what you do!


10 Min Business Spotlight

John Stax -Blueprint Benefit Advisors


Great meeting and great energy

 Steven: Anyone looking to consolidate debt or Student Loans, Rates are still low. Cash and or refi

 Austin: Building and Constuction companies

 Tom: Anyone not happy with their Medicare plan. 

Evelyn: Well wishes for her staff who has been hit hard with covid

Dundee: Anyone looking for exposure

Lantz: Startups

Mikell: Anyone Selling a house

 John Stax:  a good business referral

Dana: People who want to look at their insurance

Mike: Anyone fed up with working and would like to see if they can retire and have a sustainable lifestyle

Karma Cleaning: people who want their homes clean of bacteria and bad energy

In Attendance

  • Dana Quigley
  • Dundee Benson
  • John Stax
  • Lantz Preg
  • Michael Argiro
  • Mikell & Megan
  • Austin McKennany
  • Tom Arisco
  • Steven Johansen
  • Evelyn Rossetti Ryan
  • Brianna Perez & Deborah Netto