Today was procedural meeting. We welcomed our new presidents, Steven and Megan and we assigned jobs to everyone

Mike;s Note: Hello Everyone. Good meeting today. I missed a fair amount today so anything that needs to be added let me know I am going to start sending some emails to members that I would send out to clients etc. Just to give you a sense of what I am doing and how I promote. Feel free to unsubscribe, read, or if inappropriate to do let me know. I take nothing personal; in case you didn’t know. I may have written Austin’s email down wrong so please provide or forward

In Attendance

  • Dana Quigley
  • Dundee Benson
  • Lantz Preg
  • Michael Argiro
  • Mikell & Megan
  • Nicole Barillaro
  • Tom Arisco
  • Steven Johansen
  • Evelyn Rossetti Ryan
  • Brianna Perez & Deborah Netto