5 Min:

  • Dana Quigley

10-Minute Business Spotlight – Tell us who you are and what you do!

10 Min Business Spotlight

  • The Property Sister



Steve: Absent. Burning the midnight oil as they say. Have a nice trip Steve. You missed a lot of compliments today about your work

Karma Cleaning: Absent. Coincidence? Maybe a mortgage and cleaning service convention?

Dana: Dental Hygienist. This should be an easy one for those who have dental cleaning appointments coming up. Smile!! Now we have no excuse about our 5 minutes. Job well done

Dundee: Create an ad. Looking for business that would like a student to design an ad for them

Lantz: Making things pretty one client at a time. Any businesses looking to make a visual imprint.

CT Property Sisters: Working with buyers and sellers all throughout CT making the process stress free and enjoyable. Need sellers!!!!!!! Great presentation today. No P dance today!

Nicole: Looking for anyone that would like a review of estate docs and or create estate docs. “Don’t Die” words to live by.

Tom: Looking for anyone turning 65 or has seen a Medicare commercial and has questions. I would have to say that would be anyone that has a TV!! Sorry I kept the same one as last week. Austin: Anyone that has a tax question.

Austin loves doing this. If you ask Austin he may even sing the Beatle “Taxman” if you are on hold.

Aces: Looking for anyone with dirty scruffy shoes. Aces Shines!!!

Mike Argiro: Looking for anyone that says “ holy **^%!! I can’t believe how much I have to pay in taxes this year

John: Small to mid size groups that would have an open ear to hearing about programs. If you aren’t liking/sharing John’s social posts, please do so as they are very good. Today is National Pizza Day. How did I just find this out? Office is closed and I am heading out to pay tribute to the holy trinity of pizzerias “A-Beetz!!! Who is the lucky person to pick on this week? I see not everyone is reserving a spot that they are coming to our Zooms on Meetup. I think you know who you are. If you need help let me know.

In Attendance

  • Dana Quigley
  • Dundee Benson
  • Lantz Preg
  • Michael Argiro
  • Mikell & Megan
  • Austin McKennany
  • John Stax
  • Enid DeJesus
  • Nicole Barillaro
  • Tom Arisco