5 Min:

  • Steve Johansen

10-Minute Business Spotlight – Tell us who you are and what you do!

10 Min Business Spotlight

  • Mike Argiro
Here we go.
Lantz: You know what he does.
Mike: You may or may not know what he does. Stay tuned for 10 minute. 
Nicole: Scary lawyer trying to be less scary. If someone needs help more than happy to help out. 
Tom: Tuning 65 or retiring 
Steve: New Home buyer or refi. make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Matching up the best lender for the situation. Anyone that wants to consolidate debt or student loans. There may be some student loan forgiveness coming. 
Aces: Hiring. Check out website 
Dundee: nothing at the moment. Catching breath. May 5 at 5 at Tata’s
Ct Prop: Buyers now is the time. Just do it!!!
Seems like a day in school when you have a substitute teacher. All you know what breaks out!!
Good meeting
National Devil Dog Day.
Question to see if you read this. Do you prefer pizza or pasta?
Be well.



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  • Dundee Benson
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  • Michael Argiro
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  • Tom Arisco
  • Evelyn Rossetti-Ryan