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Dana Quigley
Personal Insurance Agent

(203) 631-4063

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Dundee Benson - Business Development Manager for The Record Journal Media Group
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Dundee Benson
Business Development 

(203) 671-8367

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John Stax - Client Advocated at Blueprint Benefit Advisors
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John Stax
Client Advocate

(203) 458-3100

  • Charity Committee
Lantz Preg - GraphicWeb Designer at Goblinfish. Studios
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Lantz Preg
Web and Graphic Designer

(203) 386-1554

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  • Attendance
Michael Argiro - Financial Planning with 4T Financial
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Michael Argiro
Financial Advisor

(203) 213-8710

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Mikell Foggitt and Megan Foggitt - CT Property Sisters - Margaret Bennet Realty
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Mikell & Megan Foggitt
Real Estate Agents

(203) 710-9895

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Nicole Barillaro - Attorney at Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway
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Michael Argiro
Financial Advisor

(203) 213-8710

  • Weekly “Ask” Summary
Tom Arisco - Medicare Insurance Agent at Arisco Insurance Group
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Tom Arisco

Medicare Insurance Advisor

(203) 379-7852

  • Visitor Thanks and Tracking
  • Young Professionals Coordinator
Austin McAnneny -Austin Taxes

Austin McAnneny

Tax Accountant

(203) 379-7852

  • New Member Liaison
  • Referral Tracking
Steven Johansen - Mortgage Broker Platinum Mortgage Solutions, Inc
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Steven Johansen

Mortgage Broker

(203) 980-0347

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  • Vetting
Evelyn Rossetti-Ryan Area Representative for Cooperative Education Services at ACES
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Evelyn Rossetti-Ryan
Area Rep. for Cooperative Ed.

(203) 498-6881 

Brianna Perez and Deborah Netto of Karma Cleaning Services
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Brianna Perez &
Deborah Netto

(757) 417-9966