10-Minute Business Spotlight – Tell us who you are and what you do!


Utilizing this spotlight is a perfect opportunity to share in-depth details about your business and share what type of connections you are looking for. Start with the simplicities, who you are and what you do, what is the company you own or work for? You may want to include information into your background, more information on who you are professionally as well as personally is always welcomed to help gain the trust of your fellow Nutmeggers!

Once we know who you are and what you do, turn that baseline into a key aspect of your business that you would like to share. What is your product or service that is being offered? What problems can you solve for clients you are looking to work with? Make sure to use clear terminology so that anyone else in a different industry can easily comprehend what you are explaining. Use brochures, informational packets, or other visual aids to help convey your message, this can also help guide you to make sure you are sharing exactly what it is you want to explain to the group within any one 10-minute presentation.

Tell the group who your ideal client is, this can change based upon what your company is currently offering at the time, or can be based on experience with particular set of people you have been able to provide the best service and value to. Are the clients you are looking for ideally found in a particular age group, town, industry, etc. Our group depends on this information as to provide the warmest of referrals, the more in-depth you go about your ideal prospects, the more in-depth of an understanding we will have to help get you to these potential clients!

To help with the above referral targeting, provide an experience in which you found a client was extremely pleased with your product or service. Tell us how, in this specific instance, you did what you do best and how you were able to enrich their lives with what you provide. Combined with a story, also provide insight into how to start a conversation with clients from an outsider’s perspective. All of us may have multiple people that are looking for a service you provide, how to get to the point of referral can be extremely helpful!

Finally, sum up your key facts within your presentation, again tell us who you are and your company information. Leave us with a question or comment, as it relates to your business spotlight, to inspire any questions that members may have. Each 10-minute spotlight will be structured differently depending upon your specific topic that you want to cover, keep in mind, the more information provided over time will help us all to uncover your ideal connection!
Don’t forget to have a blurb of the information you have provided to the group ready, along with your headshot or photo you would like to post on our Social Media platforms. Please send that information to Mikell so she can post you out into the world!